Taking the Rough with the Smooth (and the Scabby!)

Taking the Rough with the Smooth (and the Scabby!)

So Amber is turning out to be quite high maintenance for a scruffy ‘hardy’ Irish horse. I bought her in January and she promptly went down with The Disease That Must Not Be Named. Finally all clear by April and could start coming back into work. But since I then we have had:

  • 1 fence wire wrapped round leg episode. That heart stopping moment when you arrive to find the fence trashed and your horse tangled up.
  • 1 bizarre lameness episode – never knew that that was and it resolved very quickly, but she looked like her pelvis was broken initially!! She could hardly walk. Bloody Drama Queen
  • 1 sore neck and back leading to bucking on canter transitions. (She is never shy about expressing herself which I actually think is a good thing. Don’t want a stoic who never lets you know there’s a problem)

No sooner had her back resolved (and thankfully with it the bucking behaviour) then both hind legs turned scabby and swelled up. And it isn’t that muddy yet! I think the combination of warm, wet weather is the culprit. So now I am managing mud fever alongside a possible/probable touch of cellulitis. She is not lame but is has been flat and apathetic and I think she is feeling very sorry for herself. So I have spent plenty of time going back to groundwork basics and Buck Brannaman style walk work.

In 10 months since she arrived I have probably had 4 months off work for one reason or another. She’s made up for that by being pretty amazing in the 6 months when we have actually done some work!! Hoping to find some consistency now so that we can get cracking again. In the meantime, if she can’t be a dressage diva, happy hacker or SJ star than she can be a gorgeous model instead…. Photo creds to Rebecca Winstanley. Here are some pictures of Her Gorgeousness……

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