The end of my first BE Season….

The end of my first BE Season….

Ok that’s my first season done. 2 more 80T courses at Eland and Kelsall to finish things off. True to form I went wrong on both. Amber jumped 2 fabulous clears. Unfortunately I got us both eliminated at Eland going down the metre steps, and then clocked up a whopping 40 odd time penalties at Kelsall taking an unnecessarily scenic route round the course!

So from one point of view my season has been a disastrous comedy of errors resulting in 7 XC detours and a run past, 3 dressage course mishaps, 1 missed SJ fence, 5 cricket scores and an elimination.

And yet from another point of view my season has been a totally awesome journey of discovery:

  • Discovering that Amber is a XC machine with 5 effortless clears from 6 rounds.
  • Discovering that I can learn dressage tests if I set them to poetry (yes really)
  • Discovering that 80cm fences really do start looking quite small if you do a lot of them
  • Discovering that Amber is actually capable of rideability and adjustability when show-jumping
  • Discovering that Amber really can do dressage with lovely comments all season about how promising she looks.
  • Discovering that I CAN plait (sort of…)
  • Discovering that  Amber LOVES to gallop but does let me ride her too so she always feels safe even when in full flow.
  • Discovering that Amber jumps everything as if we were on the metre course. Unless we are actually jumping a metre in which case she jumps like she’s jumping 1.20!
  • Most of all discovering that this crazy, glorious, insane, wonderful sport is simply the most fun you can ever have on a horse. Fact.

And now for a winter of dressage and show-jumping. But first have a couple of pics of Awesome Amber in her element and one of me looking the way finishing XC feels!