Happy Retirement Sweet Girl

Happy Retirement Sweet Girl

This was not how our story was meant to end. Sadly, life is not a Hollywood movie and the triumph over adversity that the script clearly called for was not to be. Amber’s MRI shows significant damage to the navicular stuctures in her foot and I have been told that it is unrealistic to expect her to jump again. If we medicated the joint and used remedial shoeing, there is a possibility of light hacking, but she’s just not a ‘light hack’ kind of horse!

Luckily she is field sound so I don’t have to think the unthinkable. She can retire to a life of leisure while I work out what will come next for us both. I have plans and dreams that include her so I guess this is not the end of the story after all. Just one closing chapter. But what a chapter it has been!

She made me believe I could event. After all, if I was sat on the world’s most awesome XC horse, how could I doubt it?

Thank you for the memories, gorgeous girl.

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